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Steam cleaning is the most recommended form of carpet cleaning by carpet manufacturers. It does not wear down the fibers of the carpet, it cleans deep and leaves no residue. When done correctly by a registered firm, it leaves your carpet with a deeper clean that will last longer. That same principle also applies to upholstery as well.


Upon arrival at your home, an initial walk-through is carried out to identify stains and heavily soiled areas. Carpet is then pre-treated with professional eco-friendly (child and pet safe) carpet cleaning solutions to help treat difficult areas such as coffee stains, paint, gum, tar, rust, high-traffic soil, etc.

The carpets are then cleaned using professional equipment, and a high-pressured water system, creating a clean like none other. Water pressure is also adjusted depending on the type of carpeting. 

During the cleaning, high-powered fans are used to aid the drying process.

Please note that, while cleaning your carpets, we can move most furniture within reason. Furniture will be moved back and set on wooden blocks or plastic to allow air flow and prevent damage. Furniture that cannot be moved will be cleaned around and under to the best of our ability.

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