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Water damage restoration is an area of disaster recovery that requires timely intervention from trained, skilled professionals. Without the quick removal of water and remediation of the residue, mould and mildew as well as other fungi can be allowed to grow and spread. Also, some items and property can be saved if the water is removed quickly enough.

Water Damage

Carpet Mould
Water damage can occur for a number of reasons. Flooding can be caused by weather or by cracked or broken pipes as well as other water leaks in or around the home. Whatever the cause, the results can be devastating. Not only can it lead to damage of the building you live in, but it could be disasterous for electrical equipment, furniture, documents and media around the home.

Mould and mildew are unpleasant and unhealthy. Once mould is present in the home or office it can spread quicky, especially if it is not located and removed as soon as possible. Medical effects of mould and mildew exposure can include allergic reactions such as rashes, sneezing, headaches, sore throats, and may also cause respiratory issues.

The early stages of Neerhof's mould remediation or mould removal services includes locating the source of water or damp that has allowed the mould to grow. This is an important stage because without first removing this from the equation, mould will grow back once removed. The area is then contained and the mould and its source is removed.

As well as structural drying and dehumidifying, Neerhof water damage restoration services include odour control, pressure washing, and carpet cleaning. We can even restore documents and other forms of media that have suffered water damage, and can extract any water that remains in the property to prevent further damage.

Whatever the cause of disaster, the important thing is to act quickly and begin the disaster recovery and cleanup procedure as early as possible. Not only does this help prevent further damage and also help to recover some items that might otherwise be beyond recovery, but it helps you to start rebuilding.

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