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Upholstery steam cleaning is a method that uses steam cleaners to get rid of the dirt from furniture and other types of upholstery. 

It is an ideal option for people suffering from asthma and allergies because it rids your upholstery of most fungi, dust mites, and also certain viruses, not to mention bugs, fleas, and pet odour. This method is not only better for your upholstery, it is also safer because the effects of chemicals and cleaning shampoos are avoided.

Another type of upholstery that tends to be forgotten is your drapery. It is recommended that curtains be cleaned on a yearly basis because, although they may not look dirty, they accumulate dirt and absorb contaminants that go unseen. 

Neerhof's portable steam cleaning unit allows us to come directly to your home or office for your upholstery cleaning, although cleaning at our office can be arranged as well.

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